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How to Write Stronger Essays

One of the most common struggles that most of our English Language Arts students face is writing a strong essay.  And I say strong essay, because a lot of people can write an essay.  But what about the ones that effectively communicates your argument, is in an organized fashion, and is well-written?  That is a different story, or rather a different essay.

Check out the following tips to writer stronger essays that shine!

Start Early


Seems simple enough, right? However, many students tend to overlook this one relatively easy fix.  Maybe it is because they are overwhelmed with all their other school work.  Perhaps, they are intimidated by essays and put off starting as long as possible. Either way, starting early enough sets you up for many of the other steps that will support writing strong essays.  So, give yourself at least 2 weeks to work on your essay.  Your grade will thank you for it!

Write Drafts


Don’t expect to get it all done in one draft.  Your paper will need editing, revising, and rewriting.  Even the best writer does not expect to write his masterpiece all at once.  They’ll send their original draft to friends, colleagues, and make sure to go through their writing themselves.  A well-written piece, whether it is essays, poems, or narratives, is going to need several drafts before turning in the final assignment.

Read It Aloud


Speaking of editing, a great way to check for spelling errors, word choice, or confusing sentences, is to read your essay out loud.  You will hear things that your eyes will pass over while reading.  Reading your essay out loud to yourself is a great way to catch little issues you might have otherwise missed.

Take Some Time Away


An often under-utilized tool for writing essays, is to give yourself some time away from the piece you are working on.  Sometimes, we just get too bogged down by what we are working on.  There is something we are trying to communicate, but cannot seem to get across.  Try stepping away from what you are writing for an hour, a day, or even a couple of days. It is surprising how much a little space and perspective can help your writing.

Pay Attention to Word Choice


Many students seem to find a word to describe what they are talking about, and tend to use it over and over again.  This is a waste of the expansive English language.  There are too many ways to communicate through the written word to stick to just a few descriptive words.  So eliminate repetitive words and replace them with other words you find in the thesaurus.

Write a Clear Thesis Statement


Your thesis statement is an essential component of your essay.  Think of it like a map.  It is going to not only tell your reader where you are headed, but it will give you the direction you need as a writer.

To write a well-written thesis statement, remember A + B + CA is your topic; B is your opinion on that topic; and C is your points of support.  Use this formula to write a convincing thesis, and use it as a guide from which to write your entire essay.



One of the best ways to become a stronger writer is to read those who write well.  This is true for both fiction and non-fiction writing.  Go get your nose in a book, your writing will reflect what you read.


These are just a few of the many tools available to help your essay writing skills.  And essay writing is important to master because you will find yourself having to write many essays throughout both your high school and college career.

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