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Summer Courses 2016: Science and Technology Courses

As previously discussed, Oxford Tutoring is offering College Prep and Enrichment Courses this summer beginning on June 20th.  Theses summer courses are a helpful way to stay updated on information from the school year and get ready for the next school year.

Additionally, we are offering Science and Technology summer courses as a part of the STEM classes provided. Let’s learn more about these summer classes.

To see the full summer course schedule,  follow this link.


Science and Technology Summer Course


Science and Technology Courses

Our Science and Technology Courses are created for the students looking to build upon skills from last year and to prepare for new challenges in the year to come. These summer courses focus on essential concepts with an emphasis on material from the classroom while propelling them forward into successful careers.   Sign for any of the following Oxford Tutoring classes:

Integrated Sciene 1 Summer Course

Science Explorers

Oxford Tutoring’s Science Explorer Laboratory will nurture your future scientist’s inquisitive nature.   Students in this summer class will apply the scientific method by conducting experiments in life sciences and physical science to develop in-depth understanding.

Why should my child take the Science Explorer summer course?

A scientific topic will be introduced weekly to cover a variety of relevant subject matter.  Students will then apply the topic in a hands-on activity to excite their interest and encourage interactive scientific learning.

Sign up for one of the following Science Explorer  courses: Science Explorer 1 (Grades 3-4); Science Explorer 2 (Grades 5-6) ; Science Explorer 3 (Grades 7-8).


Science Explorers Summer Course

Integrated Science 1

In this summer course, students will learn about the nature of science, detailing what is and what is not science.  The physical sciences will be covered, including the basics of chemistry, astronomy, physics, and geology.



Why should my child take the Integrated Science 1 summer class?

Students in this summer class  will be introduced to concepts covered in the first semester of Integrated Science 1 at Northwood High School.



Integrated Science 2 Summer Course

Integrated Science 2

While taking this summer class, students will begin diving into more advanced  scientific concepts.  Life science will be taught including ecology, sustainability,  biology, and anatomy.


Why should my child take the Integrated Science 2 summer course?

Our Integrated Science 2 summer course is designed to complement the science class at Northwood High School, teaching students the concepts covered in the first semester of Integrated Science 2.



AP Computer Science Summer Course

AP Computer Science

In the AP Computer Science summer class key concepts of the theory behind programming will be taught.  Students will study the first semester of AP Computer Science, specifically Java programming, in addition to being introduced to challenging concepts from the second semester.


Why should my child take the AP Computer Science summer class?

This summer class introduces most of the concepts a student will work with on AP Computer Science.  Additionally, this summer course facilitates later understanding with early introduction to and practice with programming concepts.



Integrated Science 2 Summer Course

AP Physics

The first semester of AP Physics is addressed in this summer class, including concepts like vectors, kinematics, force, work, and energy.


Why should my child take the AP Physics summer course?

This summer course will effectively prepare students for their first semester of AP Physics launching them into a successful year in this difficult AP class.



Our Science and Technology courses are designed to help students prepare for challenging science AP courses while also encouraging their interest into the fascinating world of science.

Call us to sign up today! (949) 681-0388.

Next week we will take a look at our Math summer courses. Check back in with us!



Oxford Tutoring specializes in K-12 tutoring in English, mathematics, science and test preparation. We provide skill building and homework help in private, one-on-one sessions coordinated with our student’s classroom programs, but focused on the way in which each student learns. Working to better each student’s academic success, Oxford Tutoring personalizes our tutoring approach to best meet the education needs of our students.

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