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Summer Courses 2016: Enrichment Courses

Last week, we discussed the College Prep Summer Courses that Oxford Tutoring will be offering this summer beginning on June 20th.  These classes are ideal for students looking to prepare for the rigor of college life.

Today, we are going to talk about the Enrichment Courses that you can sign up for this summer at Oxford Tutoring.

To see the full summer schedule, click here.

Enrichment Programs

These summer courses are designed for students seeking to explore new fields or develop knowledge in fields they are already passionate about.  Sign up for any of the following summer courses today:

Build a Computer (grades 6 & up)Spiderweb Design, Home Computer Repair, Anchorage, AK, Computer, Repair, PC, support

Students signed up for this summer class will take apart a computer, learn about each components’ functions and costs, and have the opportunity to build their own computer or rebuild the provided computer.  Understanding functionality versus components type and costs will be emphasized to help students become wise consumers.

Build a Computer Summer Class

Why should my child take the Build a Computer summer class?

In order for him or her to become a well-informed,smart consumer, and know how to compare computer parts to determine what is a good deal.


Python Programming ClassPython Programming (grades 6 & up)

Students will learn the basic concepts of computer programming.  They will study the language Python, enabling them to write simple programs and open the door to careers in software engineering and design, game development, and device applications.


Python Programming Summer Class

Why should my child take the Python Programming summer course?

This Python Programming summer class will introduce the fundamentals of how programs work.  Since computers run most of the things we use, this summer course will give students core knowledge to know how to design their own devices.


Website Design (grades 6 & up)Website Design Summer

In this summer course, students will learn the fundamentals of website design and how to
merge the technical and aesthetic design elements of creating a webpage for personal or business use.


Website Design Summer Course

Why should my child take the Website Design summer class?

Understanding how to design a web page is a useful skill for future careers, business ventures, and personal use.


Creative writing summer.jpgCreative Writing Workshop (middle school and high school)

This summer class will teach students about the technical skills in narrative and poetic devices while exploring their imaginations.  They will complete their own composition in a multi-step writing process.


Creative Writing Workshop Summer Class

Why should my child take the Creative Writing Workshop summer course?

Whether your child is looking to improve his or her creative writing school for academic purposes or has a passion for writing he or she would like to explore, this class will prepare students to be successful creative writers.


Essay Writing Clinic (8th grade & up)Essay Writing Class.jpg

Students develop skills in grammar, syntax, diction, organization, and voice to compose effective expository, persuasive and analytical essays in this summer class.



Essay Writing Clinic Summer Course

Why should my child take the Essay Writing Clinic summer course?

This is an ideal summer class choice for students desiring to develop and strengthen essay writing skills which are imperative in middle school, high school, and eventually college level writing courses.


Intro to Speech and Debate Class.jpgIntro to Speech and Debate (grades 8 & up)

In this summer course, students learn to present themselves professionally and articulate their opinions to prepare for  professional interactions such as job interviews and debate clubs.


Intro to Speech and Debate Summer Course

Why should my child take the Intro to Speech and Debate summer course?

It is extremely important for students to learn how to present themselves in public, whether personally, academically or professionally.  This summer class provides students with the opportunity to develop and strengthen oral communication skills and to articulate well-informed arguments and opinions.

Enrichment Summer Courses.png

Our Enrichment Programs allow students to spend their summer time productively and present them with the chance to expand upon current talents and explore new fields to help them in their future endeavors.

Call us to sign up today! (949) 681-0388

Check back in with us next week to learn about the Math Summer Classes we will be providing at Oxford Tutoring.



Oxford Tutoring specializes in K-12 tutoring in English, mathematics, science and test preparation. We provide skill building and homework help in private, one-on-one sessions coordinated with our student’s classroom programs, but focused on the way in which each student learns. Working to better each student’s academic success, Oxford Tutoring personalizes our tutoring approach to best meet the education needs of our students.

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